Qatar eyes whether ‘Curse of Ramsey’ lasts at World Cup


Attention, celebrities, this Monday (23) is the day to keep an eye on the small screen and soak your beard.

At 16:00, Wales will face the United States, in the debut of the two teams in the Qatar Cup, at the Al Rayyan stadium.

If the average fan is likely to keep an eye on star Gareth Bale, leader of the national team that returns to a World Cup after 64 years, the famous have to keep an eye on another Welshman: Aaron Ramsey.

There is a legend, encouraged by the English tabloids and viral on social media, called the “Curse of Ramsey”. All because of a series of unfortunate coincidences.

This curse works as follows: whenever midfielder Ramsey scores a goal, a celebrity dies in the following days.

The alleged imprecation would have taken shape after terrorist Osama Bin Laden died a day after Ramsey scored for Arsenal against Manchester United, in the Premier League, on May 1, 2011.

Added to the fatal event were the deaths of names such as the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, and musicians David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Chavela Vargas and Bebo Valdés.

Oscar-winning actors Robin Williams, Alan Rickman, known for his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film franchise, and Paul Walker, famous for the Fast and Furious film series, also died after Ramsey scored.

Still on the list are the brilliant English physicist Stephen Hawking, the Uruguayan writer and football lover Eduardo Galeano, and the Nobel Prize winner for literature Gunter Grass.

Another coincidence was the death of Rubin Carter.

Called “Hurricane” (hurricane, in English), Carter was a promising American boxer who saw his career end after being wrongfully arrested at the height of his career. The middleweight was immortalized in a song by Bob Dylan, which bears his nickname.

Former dictators Muammar Gaddafi, from Libya, Argentine Jorge Rafael Videla and even Manuel Noriega, from Panama, appointed as responsible for hundreds of deaths in their countries, died after Ramsey rocked the nets.

In his career, the Welshman has 437 games and 71 goals. Ramsey has already played for Cardiff City, in his native country, Nottingham Forest and Arsenal, in England, Juventus, in Italy, and Nice, in France, his current club.

In addition to the Wales national team, he played for the United Kingdom at the London Olympics in 2012.

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