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Olympiacos: Sport & Diabetes activities in Croatia have been completed


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The update in detail:

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The actions of the program Sport & Diabetesfor the social integration of people with Diabetes through sports, continued Mr Olympic in Croatia. From Thursday 24/11 to Monday 28/11, Thrylos was “present” in Split, where children, coaches and physical therapists, from five different countries, took part in sports activities, information days and educational conferences, for how sports can help in the proper management of diabetes.

The main thrust of the program and activities, which took place in Split, Croatia, is to promote the importance of sport and how it can improve the health, fitness, psychological well-being and sociability of the athlete with diabetes.

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If the athlete pays attention to the health of, then even though he may be diabetic, it is possible to participate in many sports. Most of these people have a strong motivation to make the most of their abilities. Thus, through a proper management plan for their condition, as presented by the International Diabetes Federation and the experienced coaches of the program teams (Olympic, Bayer Leverkusen, Lazio, Husk Mladost, Wiener) this can be an important tool, to help them achieve their goals.

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