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See who’s who in CazéTV broadcasts, by Casimiro


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The transmissions of CazéTV, channel of Casimiro Miguel, 29, which shows the World Cup for free, are a success: last Monday (28), it broke the record for the most watched live in the history of YouTube, reaching 4, 6 million simultaneous viewers on the platform during the match between Brazil and Switzerland.

Meet some of the participants of the broadcasts below:


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The carioca streamer is a phenomenon of the Brazilian internet. With his lives on Twitch, in which he reacts to different content —from the best moments of football games to reality shows—, Casimiro has gained an audience of 3.3 million followers on the platform.

Cazé started on Esporte Interativo in 2014 and, until today, has a contract with the channel, which became TNT Sports. During the pandemic, he started doing his lives and exploded in no time. Casimiro comments on the main games broadcast on the digital channel.

Luiz Felipe Freitas

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The main narrator and presenter of Casimiro’s broadcasts is Luis Felipe Freitas, 34, formerly of TNT Sports. Graduated in Publicity and Propaganda, he began his career in 2009, in the defunct Esporte Interativo, which became TNT Sports in 2018. He broadcast the Champions League in Brazil.

In November, he left the channel to narrate the World Cup for CazéTV and invest in his own brand on the internet.

Guilherme Beltrão

Beltrão is another offspring of Esporte Interativo/TNT Sports. Producer of EI Games, from the Turner group, he participates in the lives of his friend Casimiro, but also has a channel on Twitch. On CazéTV, he presents a good part of the reactions to games that are not broadcast by the channel —when commentators talk about the games of the day and watch the best moments of FIFA + transmissions.

Diogo Defante

The comedian is another internet phenomenon: he started to be successful with Repórter Doidão, one of the frames of his YouTube channel, with 2.2 million subscribers. In it, Defante makes humorous reports on events such as football games, political demonstrations, carnival blocks and queues for shows. In Qatar, he is CazéTV’s main correspondent reporter for unusual live entries in the middle of the crowd, and he already collects pearls that have gone viral on the networks.

Italo Sena

Another humorist reporter is Italo Sena. He became known through the Tá Gravando YouTube channel, where he has been posting pranks for seven years and has more than 1.6 million followers. Italo makes live entries straight from Argentina, playing with hermano fans.


Among the main commentators are former players who have already worn the shirt of the national team, such as Júnior Baiano, Juninho Pernambucano, Edmílson, Denílson and Gilberto.

sports reporting

In Cazé’s team, there are also names like Isabela Pagliari, Alexandre Oliveira and André Hernan, renowned reporters fresh out of television —she from TNT, they from Globo/SporTV. The trio invests in their digital careers, disconnected from large vehicles, and covers sports in Qatar, especially the Brazilian national team, alongside Rafael Morientes, reporter for CBN Londrina.

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