Uefa and Fifa have first victory against clubs in the case of the Supeliga


The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Athanasios Rantos, said on Thursday (15) that UEFA and FIFA acted within the law when they threatened to adopt sanctions against clubs that intended to adhere to the Superliga proposal.

Superliga clubs can promote their own competition “outside the UEFA and FIFA ecosystem, but cannot simultaneously continue to participate in competitions organized by FIFA and UEFA without the prior authorization of the confederations,” Rantos said.

In his presentation, the Advocate General highlighted that EU competition rules do not restrict the ability of UEFA or FIFA to threaten with sanctions clubs that participate “in a project to create a new competition that could affect the objectives pursued legitimately by those confederations of which they are members”.

The Advocate General’s opinion is not binding, but generally anticipates positions that will later be defined by the court.

The ECJ of the European Union must rule in 2023 on an alleged abuse of power by the two confederations to exclude clubs participating in the Superliga from their competitions.

The Superliga initiative was announced in 2021 by a group that initially had the support of 12 major clubs on the continent.

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