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Sports world reveres Messi and Mbappe on social media


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Social networks were abuzz during and after the World Cup final between Argentina and France. Athletes from different sports commented on the match and surrendered to Messi and Mbappé, the stars of the match.

See below some of the main declarations of people and entities from the world of sport.

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Neymar, Messi’s friend and teammate at PSG and at Barcelona, ​​congratulated the Argentine for winning the title.

Pelé also congratulated Messi, Mbappé, Moroccans and Argentines. The King recalled Maradona in the publication: “Certainly Diego is smiling now”.

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Ronaldo Fenômeno was another Brazilian idol to congratulate Messi.

Former tennis player Serena Williams was in trouble watching the match.

“Ok! If I have a heart attack it’s because I’m watching the World Cup final”

Basketball player LeBron James surrendered to both Messi and Mbappe

Another NBA star, James Harden, joined Messi in the star dispute

“Messi is the best ever!”

Scottish tennis player Andy Murray even asks if Messi can be considered the greatest sportsman of all time.

“Messi is the best athlete of all time? Not just football. What a man.”

Usain Bolt supported Argentina and even wore the Alviceleste shirt

Even chess player Garry Kasparov congratulated Argentina for the title

Batistuta, Argentine idol, celebrated with a photo of Messi lifting the cup

During the match, former Spanish defender Puyol published that, regardless of the result, Messi is the greatest of all time in his opinion.

Mascherano, former defender of Barcelona and the Argentine national team, paid homage to Ángel Di María, who scored Argentina’s second goal.

“Angel/Angel of my life!”

Former French defender Patrice Evra complained about the refereeing on social media.

“My fear was not Argentina, but the referee!”

Former Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo congratulated Messi and Argentina on winning the title.

“Grand final… Congratulations to Messi and Argentina!”

Former Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas lamented Mbappé’s plight after France’s defeat.

“You score three goals in a World Cup final, you score another on penalties and you still don’t win the title.”

Former England midfielder Gary Lineker celebrated Messi’s victory.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to accompany Messi for almost two decades. Moment after moment of fascinating, joyful, breathtaking football. He is a gift from the gods of football. I am delighted that he has lifted the greatest title in our sport. Thank you.” And best of luck, champ.”

“I’m delighted. The best game I’ve ever witnessed… and the right result. The best team won.”

Gary Neville, a former England midfielder, was also fascinated by the final.

“The best football match I’ve ever seen”

Politicians also celebrated and congratulated the Argentine team for winning.

Alberto Fernández, president of Argentina, published a photo watching the game with his family.

“I thank the players and the coaching staff. They are an example that we must not give up, that we have great people and a great future.”

Lula was not left out.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, made a video explaining his support for Argentina.

“I’m going with Argentina: for Che, for Maradona and for its people.”

Cristina Kirchner, vice president of Argentina, also posted her thanks on Twitter.

“I’m infinitely grateful, captain… to you, the team and the coaching staff for the enormous joy with which you’ve given the Argentine people. of Argentine men and women.”

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