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Sylvester Stallone pays tribute to Pelé on social media: ‘He was a good man’


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Rio de Janeiro

The greatest football player of all time, Pelé has received tributes from world celebrities since his death was announced this Thursday (29) at the age of 82, in São Paulo. Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone paid tribute to the former player. The two acted together in the 1982 film “Fuga para Vitória”.

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“Pelé, the great! Rest in peace! He was a good man”, wrote the actor in the caption of the publication in which he appears next to the player behind the scenes of the production. During the recording of the feature, the king of football kicked the ball so hard that he broke the finger of Sylvester Stallone, who acted as an untalented goalkeeper.

The film tells the story of a fictional game between a Nazi team and a team of prisoners during World War II. Stallone told in interviews how the meeting with Pelé was. “I commented that I was going to play goalkeeper and he replied: ‘Really? Have you ever done that?’ I said no and he warned me: ‘You stay here in the goal, I’m going to kick the ball and you won’t be able to do anything about it’. I thought it was silly,” began the actor.

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And he continued with the story. “On the second kick, I managed to put my hand on the ball and heard a crack. It went through my hand, broke my finger, tore the net and knocked over the wire tents. I just managed to bow”, finished the boxer interpreter Rocky Balboa.

  • Pelé’s cancer progressed, and treatment had no effect

  • Pelé revealed himself to the world at the age of 17, in the 1958 World Cup

  • Preserved by the family, Edson kept the faith knowing that Pelé is immortal

  • Pelé was only Pelé because before there was the boy Edson

  • Pelé made history with his 1,001st goal, not his 1,000th, Folha discovered in 1995

  • Pelé went from star to football god in the 1970 World Cup

  • An acrostic for Pele

  • Pelé has always been a reference for any comparison

  • Pelé and Santos dominated the world in 1962 and 1963

  • Pelé grew closer to his children over the years

  • Ambassador of the ‘Brazil brand’, Pelé earned less than he could

  • Pelé was a star in football, but a supporting role in cinema

  • Before the ball arrived, by looking at Pelé, he was already telling me what he intended to do

  • Pelé made money with commercials until the end of his life

  • Pelé version of Nostradamus made flawed predictions that became a joke

  • In ‘Pelépolis’, every resident has a story with the King

  • Lula regrets Pelé’s death and says that few took the name of Brazil so far

  • Três Corações and Santos keep Pelé relics

  • Pelé was a character surrounded by myths and unusual stories

  • Myth that Santos stopped war in Africa was contested after 50 years

  • CBF president promises ‘all possible tributes’ to Pelé

  • For the black man who lives inside Pelé

  • Pelé lived with injuries during the 1962 title and 1966 defeat

  • Pelé transited between politicians, but was frustrated when he was one of them

  • Neymar says Pele ‘turned football into art’

  • Pelé boosted football in the US by moving to Cosmos

  • Mourning and gratitude mark the repercussion of Pelé’s death on the networks

  • Pelé’s children and grandchildren say goodbye: ‘All that we are is thanks to you’

  • Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo pay tribute to Pelé: ‘goodbye to the eternal King’

  • Brazilian clubs honor Pelé on social media

  • King Pelé is honored with a crown on Santos profile on social media

  • Remember quotes from Pelé, his admirers and enemies

  • Best player in history, Pelé dies at the age of 82, in São Paulo

  • Pelé composed more than a hundred songs and sang with Elis Regina and Roberto Carlos

  • Obama, Macron, Fernández and other world leaders mourn Pelé’s death; see repercussion

  • Pelé’s wake will be on Monday (2) at Vila Belmiro, in Santos

  • Pelé and Xuxa: The strange love between the King of Football and the future Queen of Baixinhos

  • Leônidas da Silva: ‘I was good, but Pelé is better’

  • In sports headlines, ‘World pain’, ‘The end of a world’, ‘The world stops’

  • Pelé accumulated cases of loving infidelity and controversial phrases

  • Pelé: check out 10 goals scored by the King of Football

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