And 2nd final in Greece: In Karaiskakis the Super Cup – OPAP Arena advances to Conference!


Terrible news for Greek football, as our country will host two European finals in less than a year – and barring a shocking prospect!

According to reports, the “C. Karaiskakis” won this year’s Super Cup finalwhich is scheduled for August 16, 2023 and had been given to AK Bars Arena of Kazan. However, the game cannot be played on punished Russia and the UEFA he had to deal with directly the situation and to change the headquarters. The European federation, in fact, has already announced that the final of the Super Cup will be held at the Faleri stadium and that the match will start at 10 pm!

So, her options were the following:

– Some pitch ready at Germany of those that will host EURO 2024

– Any field available in Switzerland

– Some stadium in an affordable country of Super Cup specifications (35-40 capacity), which has been sufficiently tested at the level of a first-class European competition

It must be emphasized here that it was not a matter of candidacy, nor was there a request for Karaiskakis, nor does the matter have the slightest connection with yesterday’s letter from Olympiakos!

From the above criteria, therefore, Karaiskakis was chosen with the thirdsince, also due to UEFA’s very good relations with the Greek government at a high level (recently, after all, we had the meeting between Ceferin and Mitsotakis and their contacts on issues of European football), there was also confidence in following fast procedures in all bureaucratic mattersrequired by a country for such an event.

At this stage for UEFA there was not much time for such procedural matterswhich take time and all the procedures to define the new home of the Super Cup final had to be run quickly.

In favor of Karaiskakis were also:

– The important Champions League level matches he has organized

– The very good cooperation in these matches with the UEFA people who had the responsibility of conducting the matches and a very positive view on the specifications of the stadium

– Stadium location, airport, hotels, transport and a city like Athens, which is available for matches on the specific date, since apart from… the Greek summer it is also off due to holidays

– The fact that Greece had not organized a Super Cup final until today

The only minus was that in a few months Greece will host another European final, in OPAP Arenahim Conference final on May 29, 2024. Problem, however, overcome!

The procedures for the first final in the history of AEK’s new stadium are progressing normally and it is expected that the announcement about the OPAP Arena will be made at the UEFA executive on the eve of the UEFA conference on next Aprilalong with the other finals

More generally the overall attitude of UEFA with two major European finals in Athens is, among other things, an indication of a good mood both towards Greek football and a result of good relations with the Greek government

Details in a moment…

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