“Cleaned” Buduchnost and Prometheus is “scarved” for qualification


In full control of the match, Prometheus defeated Buduchnost 81-72 at Dimitris Tofalos for Game 12 of the second group of the Euro Cup and, with a 7-5 record, remained in fifth place and moved closer to qualifying for the ” 16″ of the event, a record that the Montenegrins also have.

The players of Yannis Christopoulos went to +8 at the end of the first half and to double-digit differences in the second half, reaching the final victory.

The protagonist of Patrina was Kulboka with 30 points, supported by Dangubits with 15 and Hogg with 13 points. For Buduchnost, Green stood out with 16 and Reynolds, Popovich with 14 points.

The match

Buduchnost’s 0-3 turned into 6-3 with the inventions of Prometheus’ foreigners, who brought the 11-5 with a 5-0 run for the team of Yannis Christopoulos. The Montenegrins found the solutions and, led by O’Brien, went on a 7-0 run and took a +1 lead. Hogg took the “baton” in scoring for the Patrinos and helped them lead by +1 in Buduchnost’s immediate lead, with Dangubic ending the first period at 20-18.

The three consecutive three-pointers of the Patrinas at the beginning of the second period brought +6 and +9 for Prometheus with many solutions from the perimeter, with Prometheus maintaining +5 to +7 in the accuracy of the Montenegrins inside the Greek racket. Thomason brought +8 for the Achaeans and, despite the efforts of Kaba, Hogg finished at 41-33 in the first half. The Patrinos had 7/8 shots and 10 rebounds and the visitors had 16 rebounds.

Prometheus’ two consecutive three-pointers at the start of the third period brought +12 for the Patronos with the good percentages of the home team from the periphery and the many rebounds for the players of Yannis Christopoulos during this period. The Montenegrins with a 6-0 run from the region reduced to -5 and with the solutions from the 6.75 line from both teams, Prometheus maintained +5 to +6. Culboca starred in a 10-0 Prometheus run that made it 63-48 and 63-50 at the end of the quarter.

A 4-0 run by Prometheus at the start of the fourth period made it +14 for the Patrons. A personal 4-0 run by Popovic reduced it to -10 for Buduchnost, but Kulboka made it +13 with a personal 5-0 run. Simpson brought the +16, with the series of Patrina reaching a total of 6-0 with consecutive three-pointers. Another 4-0 run brought +17 for the players of Yannis Christopoulos with 2’20” before the end, but an 8-0 run by Bunduchnost reduced it to 81-72, which was the final score, with an 8-0 run for the champion of Montenegro.

The quarters: 20-18, 41-33, 63-50, 81-72

The statistics

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