Pardew: “The referee was hard on us, I didn’t expect him to give us the penalty”


Aris suffered a 3-0 defeat by AEK, with Alan Pardew to stand in two places.

In the difference in energy that the two teams had, after Union went with changes to Serres and his team with key players against Olympiakos, but also to the referee Godinhosaying that he did not expect to assign the penalty requested by Aris.

“It was a difficult game. We felt and looked… not so fresh. There were a lot of games in one month. Especially in the first 20 minutes, it was quite difficult. We don’t want excuses. The referee was hard on us. He easily gave away cards and penalties”he initially said.

For the phase in which Aris asks for a penalty in the 2nd half and his team: “We asked for it but I didn’t expect to get it. In general, there was a difference in energy between the two teams due to the midweek game. Our players had to push themselves. Ducouret played three games in one week, Dubeau competed without practice. The only good thing we know from yesterday is that next week we will have returning players and probably a new player in our team.”

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