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Alexiou: “If AEK were favoured, we would enter the play offs with a thirty point difference”


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On the sidelines of today’s EPO Executive Committee and after the Federation’s President Panagiotis Baltakos informed the members of his intention to take a position on the issue of the phase with Athanasiadis in the match with Aris, the vice president of AEK, Alexis Alexiou, also took a stand.

“A team that the whole of Greece admits plays the best football, gets clear victories and the cheap parrots say that the EPO is supposedly ours and we are favoured? If we were favored like those who really controlled the EPO for so many years, then we would enter the play offs with a difference of about thirty points. And we would have won the championship from September, as was the case in all those dark years for football”, he pointed out meaningfully.

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He added: “Now we have a championship that is contested equally by four teams, which is the most competitive in decades and in which the big points lose to the small ones. This should have been a title of honor for the management of the federation and not having to answer announcements and listen to incredible opinions from tele referee referees, which just make you wonder how it was possible to whistle in the previous years in the Super League stadiums, having such ignorance of regulations”.

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