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The national Karate team left for Larnaca today (Thursday) to take part in the 50th European Championships for Adolescents, Juniors, Youth and U21.

The games are held over the three days of February 3-5 at the “Kition” sports center. The Greek delegation consists of 36 sportsmen and women who cover almost all body weight categories and all age groups in KATA and KOUMITE.

Among others, the “present” in Cyprus will be the 2022 World Junior Champion Ilias Psomas, who is participating in the -76k Young Men and Konstantina Chrysopoulou, “gold” in 2022 at the European Championships in Prague in the -59k. of Young Women, which will compete in the -61m category. U21. Christina Pappa, who was second among the juniors in Prague, moved up to a higher age category and now “goes down” to -48k. of Young Women. These sportsmen and women won a medal in 2022, while others with distinctions in previous events will compete in Larnaca.

The Greek team is accompanied by the coaches Spyros Margaritopoulos, Dimitris Triantaphyllis, Mariza Soumbasaki. Head of mission is Giorgos Kelalis. Also in Cyprus will be the chairman of the ELOK Technical Committee Stavros Stavriannidis and the referees G. Kanellis, N. Panetsidis, D. Anastasiadis, D. Arseniadis, G. Kampanos, Fr. Chirigotis.

The Greek team

U21 Men

AGAINST Yiannis Koukouselis??(A.S. Almopia)????

-60k. Dimitris Koulouris (Shotokan Karate of Igoumenitsa)?????? ?

-67 Mr. Tasos Hasanakos (Pammesenia) ?

-75kg Charalambos Kambougeris (A.S. “The road to peace”)??? ?

-84k. Konstantinos Binas (Shotokan Karate of Igoumenitsa)????? ?

+84k. Sergios Karvounis? (A.S. Zografou Municipality)

U21 Women

AGAINST Antonia Mousidou (A.S. Irini)??

-50k. Stelina Gillia (Shotokan Karate Pit)????

-55k. Athanasia Andrianopoulou? (Doxa Galatsiou)?

-61 Mr. Konstantina Chrysopoulou (A.S. The Brotherhood)

-68k. Maria Koutaliari (Chios Karate Academy)

+68 Mr.??Eva Iosif (Doxa Galatsiou)


AGAINST Alexis Liaskas? (Odysseus Petroupolis)????

-52 Mr. Dimosthenis Papadopoulos (Shotokan Karate Pit)??

-57 Mr. Christos Papaevstathiou (A.S. Shotokan Karate Academy)???

-63 Mr. Petros Karras (A.S. The brotherhood)?????

-70k. Municipality of Koutaliaris (Karate Academy of Chios);

+70k. Michalis Mokas (Shotokan Karate of Igoumenitsa)??


AGAINST Athena Tsiakmakis (Athlos Peristeriou)?? ?????

-47 Mr. Iliana Komini (Shotokan Karate of Igoumenitsa)???? ???

-54k. Dimitra Theodoropoulou (Doxa Galatsiou);

-61 Mr. Maria Zamantza (Katerinis Club)???

+61 Mr. Sofia Stephanopoulou (A.S. The heart of the Warrior)????? ???

Young Men

AGAINST Fotis Tsiakmakis (Athlos Peristeriou)

-55k. Christos Tzilias (Shotokan Karate of Lakkoma)

-61 Mr.? Giorgos Baliotis (Odysseas Petroupolis)

-68k. Stelios Ftylakis (Odysseus Petroupolis)??

-76 Mr. Ilias Psomas (Doxa Galatsiou)

+76k. Nikos Moraitis (Shotokan Karate Academy)

of Young Women

KATA Paraskevi Neochoritis (Shotokan Karate)????? ??????

-48k. Christina Pappa (Odysseus Petroupolis)????

-53 Mr. Lydia Xenou (Odysseus Petroupolis);

-59 Mr. Vasiliki Carmaniola? (Glory of Galatsi)????

-66 Mr. Anna Maria Pappa?(A.O. Fri. Shotokan karate)??

+66k. Maria Anastasiou (A.S. Shotokan Karate Salamina)??

TEAM AGAINST: Maria Pavlitina, Christina Pappa, Lydia Xenou (Odysseus Petroupolis)??

The schedule of matches

FRIDAY 3/2/2023

09:00 – 13:45 Individual Qualifiers AGAINST Youth, Teenagers, Juniors, U21. KATA team qualifiers

14:00 – 18:45 Preliminaries and repechages for Junior and Junior Kumite (all categories)

19:30 – 20:30 Opening Ceremony

SATURDAY, 4/2/2023

09:00 – 14:30 Kumite Youth Qualifiers and repechage (all categories)

15:30 – 20:30 Qualifiers and repechage Kumite U21 (all categories)

SUNDAY, 5/2/2023

10:00 – 21:00 Finals and races for 3rd place of all ages and all weight categories

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