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All the background to the Super League funding meeting


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Without a result and a unanimous decision today’s meeting of the Super League was held to discuss the financing of the professional football teams, i.e. the Super League 1 and her Super League 2.

This session was discontinued after AEK disagreed after the placement of Vagelis Marinakis.

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The president of the Super League in his statement pointed out that the everyone’s goal, i.e. each team in the first division to get 1.5 million euros each was achieved. A result of this is the teams in the second category get the rest of the money from the overall funding from the ministry.

“There has been a huge effort since the summer to get the Super League and the teams, what we think is right. We lost time, made huge efforts and got 1.5 million per team. In order to do this, everyone went above and beyond”was the beginning of the speech of Vangelis Marinakis, who continued:

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“So I want to be clear today. We cannot go as a Super League to finally take what we think is right and the means that have or influence the members of the Cooperative to make attacks on the distribution of money. So let’s all be clear here. We will vote that the distribution is as fair as it was for professional football. He is a piggy bank! So let’s go listen to you”concluded.

In the vote that followed, from which PAE Volos was absent, AEK reacted, who voted against the proposal of the president of the League. In fact, in an update she points out that AEK “refused to submit to substantial blackmail”.

In its update, AEK continues… “League president Vangelis Marinakis put two things to vote. First, the approval of the amount of 1.5 million for each PAE of the Super League. However, he also put a second place to vote. For Super League 1 to declare that Super League 2 PAEs are rightfully getting 66 thousand. And this is because, as he said, it is not possible for the media, which he considers to represent AEK and PAOK, to blame Avgenakis for the lockout in the second division championship. So, according to Mr. Marinakis, it was not enough to say that we are okay with the 1.5 million, but to deify Avgenakis in essence for the drowning of Super League 2. In short, the result of this vote should be used to say then AEK cannot speak against Avgenakis”.

AEK people add…

“AEK categorically refused to bow down until the end. The vice-president and managing director of PAE Giorgos Kosmas stated this unequivocally and asked the presidency of the League to withdraw the second issue that was intended to trap the entire League into appearing to endorse Avgenakis and no other substance. This did not happen and Mr. Marinakis stated that since there is no unanimity on both of the things he requested, then he stops the process for the 1.5 million in each PAE and ended the meeting.

It was never of course possible for AEK to accept this kind of pressure and appear to vindicate the particular Deputy Minister of Sports, at the expense of 30 PAE of Super League 2. The responsibility for the outcome of the meeting lies of course with the presidency of the League who tried to turn the process into the provision of absolute coverage to Lefteris Avgenakis”.

At the meeting of the Super League there was a statement from his side PAOK by Maki Gagatsi:We absolutely agree that the distribution should remain as it is and we consider it fair for all leagues”were the words of the vice-president of the Northern Dicephalus.

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