Volos invited Papapetrou to declare himself an obstacle to his fight


His reaction Volos for its definition Tasos Papapetrou in the away match with Leviathan expressed in a formal way. As he states in his relevant announcement, in his letter to the chief referee he invited Papapetrou to declare “bar” and that he should not referee the match in Livadia

Volos’ letter in detail:

PAE Volos with a letter to the president of KED, Mr. Bennett, calls on Tassos Papapetrou if he has the morals and decency to declare himself a hindrance from next Monday’s match Levadeiakos – Volos.

And he explains the reasons.

The letter from PAE Volos to KED

Mister President,

the appointment of the referee Tassos Papapetrou for our team’s match, next Monday, against Levadeiakos is a painful surprise for us and we express our question as to the reasons that led you to this choice when it is proven that this referee is burdened with a series of hostile and openly passionate arbitrations against the Volos team, which we have strongly protested with public announcements and complaints.

In fact, his selection as the first referee just after one matchday, specifically after the match against Panaitolikos, where as the VAR official he committed yet another refereeing crime against us by not ordering a replay of the penalty as stipulated by the regulation, increases this question and causes our justifiable indignation.

Mister President,

apart from Papapetrou’s more general negative behavior towards us, regarding the specific match, with Levadeiakos, we inform you of two other additional facts, specifically about the long-standing friendly relations of both the specific referee and his father, a veteran referee with major shareholder of Levadeiakou, Mr. Kombotis, but also for the working relationship that Tasos Papapetrou’s wife has with a close associate of Mr. Kombotis.

It is therefore understood that its immediate replacement is required.

At the same time, we invite Mr. Papapetrou himself, if he has the morals and decency, to declare himself an obstacle not only from this specific match, but from all the matches of our team.

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