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Baltakos: “There is no reason to change the PAOK-Olympiakos referee”


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His belief that there is no need to change his referee PAOK-Olympiakos (5/2, 20:30), Ivan Kruziak expressed to “LIBERO 107.4”, the president of EPO, Takis Baltakos.

At the same time, he also spoke about his desire to hold the Cup final abroad, as he is waiting for a response from England and Germany, in order to make the final decision.

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In detail what he said:

“Greece is not only Athens and this is my personal doctrine and I really believe it. That’s why the general assembly was held here, it’s something I believe anyway, that Greece starts from Northern Greece”, he pointed out about the holding of the general assembly. of the EPO in Thessaloniki.

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For the Cup final: “I said a long time ago that I want the final to take place outside of Greece, since the announcement also says so, while if it doesn’t happen we will go to Volos. It is progress for football, it is my opinion, to have the final outside, to have expatriates, in countries like Germany or England, is something that makes sense. In England, in addition to students, there are also many who work there and there are also many Cypriots. All four teams are positive, they like the idea. Yesterday we sent questions to the federations and we are waiting for answers and Cyprus is also an option, but first we are waiting for a response from Germany and England. We don’t want bad pictures again if it happens e.g. in Volos”.

For the PAOK-Olympiakos arbitration: “He has not changed, nor is he changing, nor is there any reason to change an Elite referee. What to tell Bennett? Changed an Elite Referee? There is no possibility, after all, where to find someone else, at the last minute? But there is no reason for him to change, what can we say to him? She changed him because then she had a relationship if she had with so and so and such. Mr. Bennett does not accept such descriptions capable of leading him to change.”

On how the referee from abroad is selected: “A month before he starts looking for a referee so he can be ready on time. Everyone is playing, everyone has been closed for a long time, so at least a month before he is looking. It could be three weeks, it could be five. Certainly much earlier, otherwise it doesn’t find it. The big confederations don’t send referees, we don’t know if they have or don’t want to. They don’t send, that’s the only thing certain. That’s why we don’t have referees from “big” soccer countries.”

Mr. Baltakos also referred to the decisions of today’s meeting of the EPO, stressing that it had long been right to have offices in Thessaloniki, but he also predicted for the PAOK-Olympiakos match: “Usually when there’s a lot of fuss, the game is soft. This is what my experience says, when there is a lot of noise for every match, everything goes well in the match.”

As for his statement about the phase in Aris-AEK regarding the non-penalty, he underlined: “I got Mr. Bennett to come out and explain the umpires’ decisions to the world so there would be no misunderstandings. What was being done under Clattenberg was cut by Clattenberg himself. The institution itself should come out to talk about the phases, and I came out at the beginning, to take the first difficult step, since Mr. Bennett was not ready then. That’s why I came out and said about the penalty, whether it was or not, it’s a given that people should know what’s going on. I’ll call him today, maybe tomorrow, and tell him to come out every Tuesday. He gave me the information about the Aris – AEK phase and I went out and told them.”

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