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Olympiacos asked UEFA for an observer for Bennett


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Olympiakos culminates his reactions to the part of the arbitration and as he conveyed to bwin SPORTS FM 94.6 our reporter Kostas Nikolakopoulos asked UEFA in today’s letter the placement of a reliable spotterto which the English chief referee of the KED should refer and give a speech Steve Bennett!

The letter addressed to UEFA’s Croatian football director, Svonimir Boban and the Italian UEFA chief referee Roberto Rossetti describes the situation in the field of arbitration and EPOexplaining why he is making this specific request to the European Football Federation.

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The main points of the letter are six…

One. While in previous years referees from the major European leagues came to the Greek championship and the Elite Cup, this year the institution of foreign referees in Greece has been deconstructed with the arrival of referees from the smaller European leagues, resulting in bad refereeing that has spoiled the competitions.

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Two. As a result of the situation that prevails this year in the field of arbitration there are 31 critical announcements of clubs in the 20 matches that have been made.

Three. Super League 2 has gotten so out of control that in the surrounding atmosphere it is taken for granted which teams will go up, those who are favored by the system that controls the refereeing.

Four. The EPO is not really dealing with the serious proposal of the Stoiximan Super league for professional arbitration.

Five. Reference is made to various EPO scandals, the most recent being the move of the president of the federation (Baltaku) to come out and declare that according to KED it was not a penalty that Aris asked for in his match against AEK.

Six. It is mentioned, among other things, that the referee A cripple he whistled for the last time on December 28 in the Atromitos-PAOK match and after a few days he was hired as a referee critic at a television station owned by the owner of PAOK.

Olympiakos’ letter to UEFA concludes by stressing that if the European confederation does not take care, then with four teams competing for the championship, under such refereeing conditions, “explosive situations may occur in Greek football that will not be able to be controlled».

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