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Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Sport, society and violence: everything moves and mixes


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Walter Casagrande is criticized when he talks more about politics than sports.

Milly Lacombe, too.

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They’re welcome to the club, and it’s not new, but maybe they’ve never been properly welcomed.

Case sometimes exaggerates? Yes, indeed, but a thousand times his indignation than the silence and, worse, the complicity of those who criticize him because they practice the worst kind of politics, the one that claps for fascism, genocide, violence.

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Milly is in the spotlight for having linked the intemperance of a public figure like Abel Ferreira to feminicide —which increases on weekends because of football defeats.

The difficulty of connecting Tico and Teco explains the inability of other equally obvious connections.

To those who bring such a disability from the cradle, an apology is recorded here in advance.

To those who shout for mere ideological choice, contempt.

Because these only externalize prejudices, insensitivity and no concern for others.

They are the ones who treat women like objects, say that they are not racist because they have black friends, that they are not fascists because the neighbor is Jewish.

Casão and Milly are a dish for these people.

One suffers from chemical dependency and, however exemplary he may be in the fight against the disease, he is attacked for suffering from the evil that comes from DNA.

The other is a victim because she was born a woman and because of her sexual orientation. Oh, yes, please!, orientation, not sexual orientation, something that even good people still don’t understand.

The naturalization of violence, a phenomenon amplified by the distressing phenomenon of antisocial networks, also the realm of idiocy, is such that there are those who want to minimize the attitude of the player Wallace, who publishes a poll about shooting the President of the Republic in the face. After all, he apologized.

Then the deputy chases voters with a revolver, thugs kill the birthday boy for throwing a party with a candidate’s photo, coaches and players rape and harass defenseless women, and that’s fine.

The voter had nothing to do with the congresswoman, the underage girl shouldn’t have gone to the boys’ room and those women, if they were in the club at that time, weren’t a good thing.

And let’s all vote for the guy whose idol is just a notorious torturer!

Enough of complacency and passing cloth to atrocities.

Enough of impunity for scammers who know nothing, who limited themselves to hearing the miscreant propose to record the STF minister and did not denounce him, or who do not know who delivered the draft or lost their cell phone in Florida.

It is obvious that Abel Ferreira is not responsible for Brazilian barbarism, and nobody has said that. There was just a warning to those who have to set an example, just as the coach from Palmeiras alluded to Ayrton Senna and Pep Guardiola without comparing himself to them – he just wanted to show that in the field of competition exaggerations are committed.

Disagreeing with Milly and Casão is healthy. It’s frequent.

Attacking them is useless cowardice.

Because they won’t shut up, they’re hardened and they’re not criminals.

They didn’t expose anyone’s privacy, they didn’t threaten anyone, they didn’t commit any violence and they defend democracy, without earning a penny for it.

In addition to being, I repeat a lot, very welcome to the club of those who know that football imitates life and vice versa.

Gently, that’s what Tostāo does.

Style question. And what style!

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