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Postponement at Lavrio-Olympiakos because… the closed one is dripping


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The match scheduled for 15:45 was postponed Lavrio-Olympiakos for Basketball League. Not because of the snow “Barbara”, but because the canopy of the closed one was dripping!

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In particular, a leak occurred, as a result of which the side of the guests’ bench was filled with water and of course the physical integrity of the players was put at risk.

Following this development, the match will be set on a new date by ESAKE, while it is worth noting that Olympiacos, due to athletics competitions in SEF, is going to play the next league match in Lavrio, against Ionikos on February 12 (next Sunday) .

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Due to the adverse weather conditions, it dripped at one point on the field, after 13:30, because until then we had seen it was dry. In order to avoid any accidents, we decided not to play the game“, the president of Lavrio, Vangelis Vodinas, told ERT.

As in many stadiums, when there is heavy rain this phenomenon is observed. Eight years on the A1 and with more severe weather conditions, nothing like this has happened. It’s happening for the first time. Unfortunately there was no time to repair the damage now. Mr. Galatsopoulos (president of ESAKE) is already aware“, he added.

The match commissioner Thanos Kyrtatas he told ERT: “The field is not suitable for playing the match. The roof is leaking in 2-3 places and the referees decided to stop it».

Following this development, Olympiacos turns its attention to Wednesday’s match against Alba in Berlin (held on Wednesday due to a concert scheduled afterwards at the German team’s stadium).

Lavrio-Olympiakos: Postponement of the match

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