Milan painted Nerazzurri and Inter consolidated in second place!


Lautaro took his gun and made her the boss of Milan Inter! With the Argentinian’s goal in the 33rd minute, the Nerazzurri prevailed 1-0 of Milan for its 21st matchday Serie A and cemented themselves in second place in the standings at -13 from the pioneer Napoli.

The path of the champions is sad as they suffered their third consecutive defeat in the league and fell to -5 from Inter and -18 from the top. Ugly picture in the first half from Stefano Pioli’s team, which is now in a very difficult position.

The match

Inter was the one who during the first half had the universal dominance. In the 2nd minute, Lautaro Martinez had the first notable moment of the match by firing a shot from outside the area sending the ball out, while three minutes later the Nerazzurri missed a terrible chance to take the lead. Tsalhanoglou found himself outside the area, he magically stepped the ball to Martines who shot powerfully from inside the area, but Tatarousanou spectacularly cleared for a corner.

Milan were unable to convert a second pass affected by Inter’s pressing and in the 10th minute Inzaghi’s side again with the Argentine striker squandered the chance to take the lead after their captain’s header. The Nerazzurri continued to press and in the 34th minute they found the long-awaited goal. Calhanoglu’s corner, Lautaro Martinez’s wonderful header which, with his seventh goal in 12 matches against Milan, made it 1-0 that remained until the break.

In the second half, Pioli, clearly dissatisfied with the image of his team, used Brahim Dias instead of Mesias, as well as Selemakers and Leao instead of Calabria and Origi respectively. Inter tried to surprise the “rosoneri” in the 56th minute with the absolute protagonist, Lautaro Martinez, missing a great opportunity to make it 2-0. Two minutes later, Milan completed their first chance of the match with Hernandez finding Giroud’s cross in the area, but the French striker’s header went wide. In the 69th minute, Milan won a free-kick outside the area, a product of the pressure exerted high up, but Hernandez executed over the posts.

In the 75th minute, Dias threatened with a shot from outside the area but Onana easily blocked, while the Pioli team then won a free-kick outside the area which Giroud took but sent the ball wide again. The Nerazzurri found the back of the net in the 82nd minute with Lukaku, but the goal was disallowed for a foul by the Belgian on Tio, while seven minutes later the scene was repeated with Martines beating Tatarousanou and the goal being disallowed for offside after the use of VAR, with 1-0 to stay until the end.

The elevens:

Inter (Simone Inzaghi): Onana- Skriniar, Acerbi, Bastoni- Darmian, Dimarco (71′ Goossens), Barela, Tsalhanoglu (89′ Galliardini), Michtarian (71′ Brozovic)- Martines, Dzeko (71′ Lukaku)

Milan (Stefano Pioli): Tatarusanou- Kaloulou, Kiaer (85′ Rebic), Gambia (70′ Tio)- Calabria (55′ Selemakers), Hernandez, Krunic, Tonali, Mesias (46′ Dias)- Origi (55′ Leao), Giroud

The 21st matchday:

Saturday 04/02

Cremonese-Lecce 0-2

(58′ Batsiroto, 69′ Strefetsa)

Roma-Emboli 2-0

(2′ Ibanez, 6′ Abraham)

Sassuolo-Atalanda 1-0

(55′ Loriente)

Sunday 05/02

Spezia-Napoli 0-3

(47′ Xvaratskelia, 68′, 73′ Osimen)

Torino-Udine 1-0

(49′ Karamo)

Fiorentina-Bologna 1-2

(19′ Saponara – 14′ pen. Orsolini, 47′ Pos)

Inter Milan 1-0

(33′ Martins)

Monday 06/02

Verona-Lazio (19:30)

Monza-Sampdoria (21:45)

Tuesday 07/02

Salernitana-Juventus (21:45)

The next (22nd) matchday:

Friday 10/02

Milan-Torino (21:45)

Saturday 11/02

Emboli-Spetsia (16:00)

Lecce-Roma (19:00)

Lazio-Atalanda (21:45)

Sunday 12/02

Udinese-Sassuolo (13:30)

Bologna-Monza (16:00)

Juventus-Fiorentina (19:00)

Napoli-Cremonese (21:45)

Monday 13/02

Verona-Salernitana (19:30)

Sampdoria-Inter (21:45)

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