AEK: Yannis Karalis commented on the accusations about beams with… Dostoyevsky


In a particularly imaginative way, once again, he answered Yannis Karalis in what AEK sees as attributed to it after the postponement of the game with Atromitos.

In fact, this time the Communication Advisor of the “yellow and black” used… Dostoyevsky!

In detail, the post of Yannis Karalis:

Dostoyevsky wrote them, but who read them? Metternich’s frivolous “exogamous” (s.s. the meter of PROPAGANDA in the…”holy alliance”), anyway, definitely not!

-Initially the question was “how Amrabad saw it”. When it was also seen in the count, MUGA!

-Then they found another…”cleverness”: “where did AEK find the tape measure?” This went down hard and… institutionally, since it was the police.

-Then (photo-2) came “why do they count from 10 and up”, underlining it as…”shame of shame”. In the video, however, it is clearly heard: “it is 2.51, that is 2.41” (they subtract the 10 points we were talking about). But even if that wasn’t the case, you -mathematically- uneducated, 10 stolen points means that 2.34 (eg) would look like (+10) 2.44. That is, IDIOT (the… Dostoyevsky we used to call) would help the Intrepid in the referees’ verdict, since the short goalpost would appear taller!!!

Did you find something else, for which “AEK is to blame”, or yet? We are waiting anxiously. Our LAUGHTER, at your debauchery, INFINITE!!!”

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