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European champion Konstantina Chrysopoulou


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Gold medal at the European Championship of Larnaca was won by Konstantina Chrysopoulou. The 18-year-old karateka, a few days after her triumph at the K1 Series A in Athens, also triumphed in Cyprus, as she climbed to the highest step of the podium in the -61k U21 KUMITE category. In the final, Chrysopoulou prevailed 4-2 over Reem Kamis (Germany), while to get there she had successively defeated the Italian Aurora (5-5), the Irish O’Sullivan (7-2), the Bosnian Kurtes (5 -1) and in the semi-final Jovanovska from North Macedonia (7-4).

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Silver medal in the junior 61k category KUMITE conquered the Marianda Zamantza. The Katerini champion was undefeated in the qualifiers and took first place in her pool by defeating Sevkova (Latvia) 2-0, Prihlova (Czech Republic) 2-0, Ceruaki (Italy) 5-0 and in the semi-final Balut (Poland) . She was defeated 1-0 in the final by Spain’s Julia Clopes.

In KATA Neanidon the Athena Tsiakmaki won the bronze medal. The “small” final of the category developed with a “thriller” with the champion of the Athlos Peristeri gathering a score of 41.3 against 41.1 of Marques from Portugal.

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Thus, the Greek delegation returns today (22:20 by OA flight) to Athens with one gold, one silver and one bronze medal that bring them to 13the position, among 48 countries that participated in the event, with 1,100 athletes.

But, equally important is the fact that out of the 36 karatekas who made up the Greek team in Larnaca, 16 were ranked, i.e. they were in the top nine of their category.

On the 5ththe place won by:

* At +70k teenagers o Michalis Mokas, who achieved three wins in the pool he participated in and was defeated in the semi-final. He then lost 2–0 to Azeri Rahib Azim in the repechage final.

* At 61k Neos, o George Baliotis (Odysseas Petroupolis) who made excellent performances and in the match for the bronze medal lost to the Danish Mikael Christensen, with a score of 1-1 but his opponent having won the first point

* At 68k Neos, o Stelios Ftylakis of Odysseus Petroupolis made five consecutive victories, in the category with the most athletes (42). But he lost in the semi-final to the Portuguese Gonsalves and in the “small” final to the Montenegrin Danilovic

* In -68k U21 h Korina Koutaliari from Chios Karate Academy lost in the final repechage to Krivdova (Slovakia) 3-0

Also, 7the position was won by Ilias Psomas (-76 Mr. Young Men), Municipality of Koutaliari (70k teenagers), Athanasia Andrianopoulou (-55k U21), Antonia Mousidou (KATA U21) and the Young Women’s Team KATA with the L. Xenou, Chr. Papa. M. Pavlitina

The 9th place was occupied by three of our athletes who were eliminated in the 1st round by an opponent who reached the final. Thus, they participated in repechages securing a place in the final ranking. It’s about him Charalambo Kampougeri (-75k U21), the Christo Gilia (-55k Youth) and the Eliana Komini (-47k Juniors)

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