Joe Allen retired from the Wales national team


Flag submission to the Welsh national team! A footballer who has played his own major role in the British rise in recent years, the Joe Allenannounced his retirement from international level with the federation thanking him for his contribution.

“Playing for Wales has been a great passion and love of my life, I’ve been extremely lucky. I have shared this journey with incredible people… My family, teammates, staff and fans have made it special and I am so grateful to you all.

The support of our nation is inspiring and has given me immense pride to wear the jersey… So many memorable experiences. Unfortunately, time and injuries are taking their toll and so it’s time to pave the way for our next generation. The future of Welsh football is bright.

All the best, Joe,” the footballer said.

THE Joe Allen played 75 times with her national of Wales, having also scored 2 goals. At the moment, at club level, he is playing in England with the Swansea shirt.

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