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Andreopoulos: “Important victory, but we also have a second game”


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THE Panathinaikos took a big win in the Challenge Cup, winning his set 3-1 Olympiakou in “Melina Merkouri” and taking the lead for the qualification to the final of the event.

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Dimitris Andreopoulos, coach of the “greens”, referred both to the importance of this particular victory and to the need Panathinaikos to perform equally well in the second leg.

In detail what Dimitris Andreopoulos mentioned on the Cosmote TV camera:

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About the match and Hernandez’s absence: “It was a very strong and hard game. Judged in the details. You always expect the best, I expected victory. Our team has 14 athletes. Every athlete is valuable, but everyone always has to do the work.”

For the repeater: “I had said finally good everything is fine. In the two quarterfinals last year and this year, in the end the qualification went to the golden sets even though we had won. Our opponent is a big team with very good players and can overturn any score. In the end, the one who wins the second game celebrates, so we have to stay focused and fight for the best, in the second game.”

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