Opinion – Tostão: Flamengo is yet another Brazilian disappointment


Al-Hilal is in the final of the Club World Cup. Flamengo was very bad. Everything also went wrong. He suffered two penalty goals, one of them questionable, and even had a player sent off at the end of the first half. On the other hand, even when they had 11 players, Flamengo had only one chance to score, scored by Pedro. In the second half, Al-Hilal was better, created more opportunities and won by 3-2.

After the elimination of Brazil in the World Cup, it was another disappointment. Is the football played in Brazil worse than many people think? Wouldn’t Brazilian players and teams have emotional preparation for decisions?

dribbling and dancing

In Palmeiras’ 3-1 victory over Santos, Rony was chosen as the best of the game by viewers and commentators.

During the broadcast of the match, someone praised Zé Rafael, but said that he doesn’t appear much, which I disagree with. Zé Rafael positions himself very well defensively, disarms and has a great pass to start the offensive plays. He shows up too much. As he is not an attacking midfielder and does not usually make the last pass or score goals, he does not get the attention he deserves. The same occurs with other players spread across Brazil and the world.

Another Palmeiras player who plays very well and is little recognized is Marcos Rocha. He, who was already good at Atlético, thanks to his support and accurate passes, became even better at Palmeiras, as he learned from Abel Ferreira to position himself defensively. In the same game, Marcos Rocha is sometimes a third defender on the right and, at other times, an excellent supporter.

In one of Palmeiras’ goals against Santos, Marcos Rocha made an excellent long pass, over the top of the defenders. Rony dominated and left the ball for young Giovani to finish. Someone said that the goal started with Marcos Rocha’s kick.

Probably, Palmeiras will need a midfielder to play alongside Zé Rafael. The midfield is the soul and brain of a team. Real Madrid, which faces Al Ahly, for the Club World Cup, has won major national and international titles in recent years. This even after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, mainly because he always had an exceptional midfield, with Casemiro (now at Manchester United), Kross and Modric, with the help of striker Benzema, who retreats and becomes a link with the whole attack.

Casemiro is missing, although the club hired a great substitute, Frenchman Tchouaméni, a starter in the 2022 Cup. Tchouaméni was injured and should play today. He is more skilful than Casemiro, but lacks the experience, leadership, tackling and precise positioning of the Brazilian in protecting the defence.

Real will not have Benzema, Courtois and Militão in this Wednesday’s game (8); and they might not play in Saturday’s final either if Real win. All are important, especially Benzema. Vinicius Junior misses him.

Vinicius Júnior, who is today the best dribbler in the world, has evolved in technical fundamentals, in passing, in finishing and in the lucidity to make the right choices. He became an exceptional player, an ace.

Many opponents can’t stand such boldness and irreverence and start to mark him with many fouls and violence — and, worse, fans transfer hatred and anger to the color of his skin, with criminal and racist offenses.

In a group, in a crowd, one curses and others repeat, as if the person responsible was not each one individually, but the group.

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