Valbuena: “It’s important that we scored six goals after such a long time”


Mathieu Valbuena emphasized that it was a long time before Olympiacos scored six goals, he dedicated the victory to his family, he asked for a similar continuation in order to hope for winning the championship, he thinks they were angry after the defeat by AEK in the Cup and he stood in the bad results this year that have left the “red and white” behind in the standings.

In detail: “Really, I’m happy. It is important for the team. It’s been a long time since we last scored so many goals. It was an important result for our confidence after the last result we had. We are also happy that I helped my team and I share this joy with my family who is here. We have to continue this way.”

On whether they were angry after N. Philadelphia: “We were angry and we had to prove that we deserved better. We put a lot of goals in front of our people. We must continue like this. It wasn’t a perfect match, but the many goals help us. The season is long and we want to continue in the same way. We’re not in first place, but we’re not that far from the top either. We can make up the difference, as long as we are the ones we have to be.”

On what more Olympiacos needs: “Initially, it is too early to talk about what will happen in the end. We have many matches. Olympiacos has won many titles and experienced many successes. It is a difficult year this year, what we are doing is working to cover the losses we had.

We didn’t have the results we wanted in all the matches. We are trying hard, despite the difficulties of the year. That’s what we have to do, take the matches one by one. Nothing has been decided and we have to continue in the same way.”

Source: Sport Fm

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