Organized Inter fans against Inzaghi: “He can’t inspire, we behave like a small team”


They did not welcome their team’s draw in Genoa against the Sampdoria her followers Interwith their reaction being immediate, pointing the arrows of blame at the team coach Simone Inzaghi.

Among other things, “Curva Nord” accuses the Italian coach of not being able to inspire his players especially in the games against the so-called “smaller” opponents and points to him as responsible for another blunder against teams from the lower levels of the standings.

Also, as is typically pointed out, what is more troubling than the negative results is the coaching approach to the specific games, which is characterized as phobic and ideal for a small and medium-sized team but not for a club at the level of the “nerazzouri”.

In detail, a part of what is mentioned in the positioning of the organized fans:

“YOU HAVE TO RISK TO WIN, a draw doesn’t help anyone. We are Inter, they should be afraid of us, we should attack and show our superiority and not compete like a small team that the draw does to them.”

Edited by: Charalambos Lessis

Source: Sport Fm

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