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With guardian… angel Kobel and hero “sprinter” Antegemi, Chelsea was bent by Dortmund!


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The first step towards qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Champions League was taken by Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday night (16/02), winning at the packed “Signal Induna Park” 1-0 of the fighting Chelsea!

By Gregor Kobel to lower “rolls” and develop into a guardian… angel, and Antigemi with an improbable half-court sprint to score the only goal of the match, the Westphalians got – even if marginally – the upper hand for the qualification.

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Good performance for Chelsea, but for one more match he showed that he has serious scoring problem, with Graham Potter’s team now “sinking” even further into introversion.

Let’s remember that the rematch of London is scheduled for March 7 at “Stamford Bridge”…

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The match:

Very good pace at the start of the match, with both teams entering dynamically in the match, with the clear aim of taking the reins of the match and imposing their own pace. Only in the second minute, Schloteberk me saving tackle he stopped the danger that went to be created for Dortmund in the movement of Mudrik.

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The Westphalians who had possession of the ball, threatened them Backfill and Chan in the 13th minute, without however worrying Kepa. Four minutes later, Chelsea found the net with him Thiago Silva, goal which was disallowed, as the Brazilian stopper played… a volley into the German area, thus facing a yellow card from the referee.

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In the “caps”, Dortmund threatened with his weak shot Brad from an advantageous position (18′), while in 21′, Bellingham’s powerful shot found defenders. THE best time but for Edin Terzic’s team it came in the 27th minute, when o Heyfrom an advantageous position, sent the ball into the outside of Kepa’s net, following a fine cross from Brad.

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A phase that seems to have “awakened” Graham Potter’s players, who not only raised the intensity of their game, on the contrary, they came close to scoring with Joao Felix. Initially, the Portuguese missed from advantageous position in the 32nd minute after Žižek’s turn, while, six minutes later, again in a counter-attack situation, he sent the ball on Cobell’s horizontal beam…

The last good moment of the first half belonged to Borussia Dortmund, with his cross shot Wolf from the right to go narrowly wide of the post after a terrific effort and turn by Brad.

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The scenery is very different in the second half, where Chelsea bested the Singhal Induna Park pitch, fully imposing her pace and shutting down Dortmund. At 51′Fernandez and Havertz’s shots were stopped by Bellingham, while four minutes later, Kobel’s stunning volley, denied James the goalin the direct foul execution of the English back.

In fact, the 25-year-old Swiss goalkeeper of Westphalia said one thing still… imperial “no” to Rhys James, impressively cornering the fucking powerful shot of the young ace of the Londoners.

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As the corner phase progressed, however, Dortmund were quickly caught off guard, and with Backfill in role… sprinter, to take the ball behind the center (!), to pass Fernandes and Kepa, placing well for the 1-0!

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Έτρεξε… 100αρι ο Αντεγέμι, ‘διέλυσε’ τον Έντσο και σκόραρε για το 1-0!”,”description”:”Έτρεξε… 100αρι ο Αντεγέμι, ‘διέλυσε’ τον Έντσο και σκόραρε για το 1-0!”,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT1M22S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-02-15T21:31:33.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:””,”width”:136,”height”:146}},”regionsAllowed”:”GR”}

Naturally, the home team’s goal “froze” the “blues”, who, although they continued to control the tempo, found it difficult to threaten again. Almost a quarter of an hour later, specifically in the 78th minute, o Coulibaly he found himself alone in the “heart” of the opposing area, with the shot he tried to slip from the hands of Kobel and Chan to chase away with a tackle over the line!

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Φοβερή σωτήρια παρέμβαση Τσαν στο σουτ του Κουλιμπαλί!”,”description”:”Φοβερή σωτήρια παρέμβαση Τσαν στο σουτ του Κουλιμπαλί!”,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT50S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-02-15T21:44:59.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:””,”width”:136,”height”:146}},”regionsAllowed”:”GR”}

Joao Felix and Žižek threatened with shots in the 84th and 85th respectively, with the German keeper saving the danger. In the fifth minute of the delay, o Kobel he took his shot in an improbable way Fernandeskeeping a clean sheet and giving Dortmund the win!

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Η σπουδαία επέμβαση του Κόμπελ στο πλασέ του Έντσο στις καθυστερήσεις”,”description”:”Η σπουδαία επέμβαση του Κόμπελ στο πλασέ του Έντσο στις καθυστερήσεις”,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT35S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-02-15T22:09:15.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:””,”width”:136,”height”:146}},”regionsAllowed”:”GR”}

MVP: Undoubtedly the highlight of the match was the Borussia goalkeeper, as he kept his team upright in at least 5-6 good moments from Chelsea.

The match lineups:

Dortmund (Edin Terzic): Kobel, Wolff (73′ Ryerson), Gilles, Sloterbeck, Guerreiro, Can, Bellingham, Ozkan, Adeyemi (79′ Gittens), Brandt, Ale (68′ Modest).

Chelsea (Graham Potter): Kepa, James, Koulibaly, Thiago Silva, Chilwell (71′ Mount), Loftus-Cheek, Enzo Fernandes, Ziyech, Joao Felix, Mutrik (71′ Cucoureja), Havertz.

See here the live of the match.

Source: Sport Fm

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