“Gold” Rapsomanikis at the Presidents Cup Africa, two more medals


Dionysis Rapsomanikis at -58 kg in the rated Presidents Cup Africa G2 taekwondo held in Cairo, won the gold medal, Apostolis Telikostoglou at -80 kg took the silver, while Nasia Mitsopoulou at -67 kg was third. All three of our athletes got important points in the effort they are making to find themselves, through the Olympic classification, in “Paris 2024”.

Rapsomanikis, second in the 2021 European Championship in Sofia, entered as No-1 on the board and managed to maintain his position in the final ranking of his category. And this thanks to the four consecutive victories he scored. In order, he prevailed 11-6 and 14-2 over the Moroccan Reda, 6-0 and 12-6 over the Egyptian Gamal-Ahmed Abdelrahman, 5-4 and 6-2 over the South African Hamachi and 10-7, 11-7 over the Italian Lomartire .

Manchester 2019 World Championship runner-up Apostolis Telikostoglou (No.2 on the board) defeated South Africa’s Almouvalad 6-4, 8-0 and Burundi’s Savandogo 11-4, 4-4 (dominance) to was defeated in the final by the Egyptian Eisa, “bronze” Olympic winner in Tokyo and No-1 in the world ranking, with 7-4 and 4-3.

Finally, Nasia Mitsopoulou in the quarter-finals of -67 kg defeated Ivoriamni Dangnide 10-1 and 8-1, but in the match for her entry into the final and, with a hostile referee, she was defeated 5-1, 4-3 by Egypt Careful.

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