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The Amazons are European champions in the Cheer League


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The cheerleading athletes from the club Amazones (Varis & Ilioupolis) were ranked first in the Cheer League in two categories for the year 2022, as announced by the European Cheerleading Federation.

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The Amazonian gymnasts won 1st place in both Senior and Junior age categories, in Team Cheer Freestyle Pom, among 55 and 37 teams respectively, surpassing European teams with many years of tradition, winning the ECL trophy again after 9 years.

Cheer League Champions Amazons have secured their place at the 2023 European Cheerleading Championships, which will be held in Verona, Italy from June 30 to July 2.

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It should be noted that the two Amazon teams had already qualified for the European Cheerleading Championship through the Panhellenic Championship, so they secured two additional qualifications for the Greek colors.

The manager of the Amazones club, Evangelia Kritikou, regarding the club’s ranking in the Cheer League, said: “I am proud of the athletes, the coaches and the administration of our club. They deserve many congratulations for the effort of so many years that have brought us to this level. We have raised the bar and our teams can now compete and have claims in International competitions.

Next goals are the representation of our country at the European Championship in Verona (Italy) but also at the domestic level the Greek Cup in Crete and the Panhellenic Championship in Athens”.

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