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Bayern Munich fans banner against Uli Hennessy: “50+1 is non-negotiable”


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In the target of her fans Bayern Munich is the former Bavarian president for a decade, Uli Hennes. Germany’s once-glorious champions appear to have placed themselves in favor of repealing the infamous law 50+1 which is valid in the country and gives the right to the fans who are members of the club, to control the decisions through the majority.

This particular law forces team boards to essentially need the approval of the fans in order to make a major decision, as the founding union members hold 50% of the votes. The law requires a so-called 50+1 to formalize any decision, which keeps the administrations’ hands tied if there is no agreement from the members.

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THE Hennes who was its president from 2009 until 2019 Bayern Munich argued that the repeal of this legislation is necessary for German clubs to remain competitive at international level.

“I would be 100% in favor of abolishing the 50+1 law at Bayern Munich, because otherwise we are left behind at international level. In England, every team in the first and second division is behind an investor, a country, a company, an oligarch. That’s why they are so much ahead of us, I think the team managements should make their own decisions. This is not necessarily in favor of Bayern Munich but it will help all teams to be more competitive against us.” said the 73-year-old veteran Bavarian footballer.

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The response of the organized fans of the 6-time European champions, who in the context of the top derby against the Berlin Union in Allianz Arena raised a banner stating: “When everyone decides for himself, the whole does not benefit. Uli, 50+1 remains non-negotiable.”

Editor: Babis Lessis

Source: Sport Fm

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