A win for Roma and maiden win of the season for Cremonese!


He shocked Roma and Cremonese broke the… pomegranate!

The team from Cremona celebrated on Tuesday night (28/02) the her maiden hat trick in this year’s Serie A, prevailing 2-1 of the disappointing Roma for the 24th matchday of the Championship!

It seems that Davide Ballardini’s team has taken it for granted the… air of Romeas at the beginning of February he had it exclude from the institution of the Cup!

The first shock for the “Gialorossi” came in the 17th minute, when Chaju with a wonderful “shell”, just outside the great area he did the 1-0 for the hosts.

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The Romans’ response took quite a while, as, in one of their few good moments in the game, they made it 1-1 with Spinazola’s 4-a-4 in the 71st minute, and while at the beginning of the second half, the Jose Mourinho was sent off for strong protests to the referees!

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The final 2-1 in favor of Cremonese, took place at 82nd minute from Tsofani’s well-timed penalty kick, thus giving his team a great three points, which after many matches has been lifted from the bottom of the table. Roma, on the other hand, stayed in 5th place of the standings, missing the chance to overtake compatriot Lazio.

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The 24th matchday:

Saturday 25/02

Empoli-Napoli 0-2

(17′ auto. Ismaili, 28′ Osimen)

Lecce-Sassuolo 0-1

(65′ Thorstvedt)

Sunday 26/02

Bologna-Inter 1-0

(76′ Orsolini)

Salernitana-Monza 3-0

(52′ Koulibali, 66′ Kastanos, 71′ Candreva)

Udinese – Spezia 2-2

(22′ Beto, 55′ Pereira – 6′, 75′ Enzola)

Milan-Atalanda 1-0

(25′ auto Musos, 86′ Mesias)

Monday 27/02

Verona-Fiorentina 0-3

(12′ Barak, 38′ Cabral, 89′ Biraghi)

Lazio-Sampdoria 1-0

(80′ Luis Alberto)

Tuesday 28/02

Cremonese-Roma 2-1

(17′ Tzatzou, 82′ Tsiofani – 71′ Spinatsola)

Juventus-Torino (21:45)

The next 25th matchday:

Friday 03/03

Napoli-Lazio (21:45)

Saturday 04/03

Monza-Eboli (16:00)

Atalanta-Udinese (19:00)

Fiorentina-Milan (21:45)

Sunday 05/03

Spezia-Verona (13:30)

Sampdoria-Salernitana (16:00)

Inter-Lecce (19:00)

Roma-Juventus (21:45)

Monday 06/03

Sassuolo-Cremonese (19:30)

Torino-Bologna (21:45)

Source: Sport Fm

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