Stormy Panathinaikos, defeated… only 2-0 Panaitolikos and went first again!


In… a one role play it was his matchup today Panathinaikou by Panetolicoat “Apostolos Nikolaidis”, as part of the 25th match of the Stoiximan Super League and the final 2-0 to be probably… poor.

The “clover” made an appearance similar to the one against Volos, having not one or two but… three beamsby Kurbeli in 39′ and Juancar in 42′ and 58′!

In the end, it was Mancini with the his second goal with Panathinaikos, the one who broke the Gordian bond in the 62nd minute, while the Palasios in the 85th minute he shaped the final result…

Thus, Panathinaikos returned to first place of the championship, with 58 points and at +2 but with a game more than the second AEK, while playing with Atromitos in Peristeri in the last matchday.

While the “canaries» remained at eighth place of the scoreboard with 28 points, while they will host Lamia.

In the minds of the coaches:

Ivan Jovanovic “brought down” Panathinaikos with a formation 4-3-3 and four new faces in relation to the last match against Olympiakos. Brignoli sat in goal, having Kochira, Schenkefeld, Magnuson and Huancar four at the back. Ruben, Kourbelis and Cerin were the three midfielders on the axis, with Palacios and Mancini moving to the sides of Sporar who was the center forward.

John Anastasios on the other hand, he lined up Panaitolikos also with system 4-3-3. Putting Graterol under the goalposts and Apostolakis, Larson, Mali and Hatzitheodoridis in the defense line. Mladen, Martensson, Duarte formed the central midfielders, with Sengelia, Karelis and Huanpi making up the attacking triplet.

The match:

After the first reconnaissance minutes, Panathinaikos became impetuous, took the ball, tried to attack from both ends, but could not break the well-organized defense of their opponent.

Magnuson’s direct free kick from a good position in the 4th minute went just over Graterol’s goal, while neither Mancini in the 7th minute, nor Sporar two minutes later, managed to complete their efforts properly.

With Panaitolikos waiting behind the ball, properly closing the spaces and always having a player in the… appropriate position. While Karelis’ goal, in the 5th minute, was correctly disallowed for offside, it was indicative of the visitors’ intention to “strike” quickly in a counterattack.

As time went on, the Shamrocks continued to maintain control and pick up the pace, but couldn’t find a way to -actually- threaten. All this until halfway through the first half, after which followed… a barrage of missed opportunities and misfortune for Panathinaikos, then the change of sides by Palasios and Mancini!

Sporar failed to capitalize on Sengelia’s wrong turn in the 27th minute, after Larsson caught up and cleared his spot-kick over the line. With Senkefeld’s header from the corner kick narrowly going wide…

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Kourbelis took the… baton, “warning” with a diagonal drift shot in the 35th minute, only to see the left post stop his effort, four minutes later. As if that wasn’t enough for the home team, Mancini and Juancar’s fine partnership ended in the same way in the 42nd minute, as the Spaniard’s “lightning” shot hit the left post of Graterol!

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The second half found the two teams as they ended the first: with Panathinaikos in an attacking phase, pressing and looking for the 1-0, but struggling in a “set” game. While Panaitolikos seemed to be “comfortable” with the existing treaty.

And because, as we said, the match was a continuation of the first 45 minutes, the “greens” continued to be unlucky. Seeing Juancar get his second personal goal and… third overall, in the 58th minute. But also their opponent to threaten from… nowhere with 0-1, with the completion of an hour of play, as Sengelia missed shooting inside the area.

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Finally, football justice… was restored in the 62nd minute, when from Palacios’ powerful shot, Graterol made an unstable save, Kourbelis took the “rebound” and secured the goal by giving Mancini, who pushed the ball into the net for 1-0 !

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With the psychology raised, now, Panathinaikos tried to “clean up” the “three points”, through a second goal. However, Sporar failed to properly place Graterol under pressure in the 76th minute, while in the 79th minute two players who came off the bench, Kleinheisler and Ioannidis, combined well but the former’s shot went narrowly wide…

Finally, the long-awaited 2-0 came five minutes before the end, as from Tserin’s corner kick from the right and Ioannidis’ header, Palasios sent the ball into the net of the opponent’s goal with a projection in the second half!

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”ΠΑΟ – Παναιτωλικός | 2-0, καθαρίζει από κοντά ο Παλάσιος”,”description”:”2-0, καθαρίζει από κοντά ο Παλάσιος”,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT1M22S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-03-06T19:27:30.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

The Aitoloakarnania team had the last remarkable phase of the match, but without changing their… fate, as the movement of Sengelia’s shot from inside the area led to Brignoli’s great intervention with one hand and the preservation of the 2-0 to the end.

MVP: Kourbelis is the leader with… his everything once again, with the international Greek midfielder being particularly effective in blocking, clearing the axis of the opponent. Although aggressively, he had a very good shot that was stopped by Graterol’s post, while of course he also assisted on the winner as it turned out to be Mancini’s goal!

The… whistle: Referee Papadopoulos annoyed… everyone with his whistles. Without making a glaring mistake, since there was no similar phase, he misused the advantage in some fouls, while in other markings he avoided getting a yellow card.

The compositions of the two teams:

Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic): Brignoli, Kotsiras, Senkefeld, Magnuson, Huancar (87′ Pouchats), Kourbelis (86′ Tsokai), Ruben, Tserin, Palasios, Sporar (77′ Ioannidis), Mancini (71′ Kleinheisler).

They stayed on the bench: Lodgin, Vagiannidis, Sanchez, Poungouras, Campetsis.

Panaitolikos (Yiannis Anastasiou): Graterol, Apostolakis, Larson, Malis, Hatzitheodoridis (86′ Houchumis), Mladen, Martenson (86′ Nosirou), Duarte (72′ Morsey), Sengelia, Karelis (72′ Pedro), Huanpi (72′ Bouzoukis).

They stayed on the bench: Anestis, Voilis, Xenitidis, Liavas.

Referee: Papadopoulos (of Macedonia).

Assistants: Dimitriadis (of Macedonia), Savvas (of Serres).

Fourth referee: Polychronis (Pieria).

VAR: Zambalas (Continent).

AVAR: Patras (Macedonia).

See here the description of the match from the Match Centre

Source: Sport Fm

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