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Panathinaikos breaks the…: The most goals from the 2014-15 season and the omen of the title!


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This year has a special relationship with the beams Panathinaikos!

The “greens”, who had three only in the match against Panaitolikosespecially in the second round of the championship the… break! Overall, the “clover” has 14 beams, the most of any other team in the league so far. It is characteristic, then, that most of them are recorded in decisive games and while, in many of them, Panathinaikos is productive, but luck turns its back on him. It is characteristic that in the last two home matches (against Agriniotes on Monday and with Volos two weeks ago) the “greens” had 55 finals, while opponents in total… five and zero goals!

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An impressive statistic, moreover, is the following: Panathinaikos has 14 goals already, without the end of the year, and to find double digits again we have to go into the season 2014-15, when the “clover” closed that year with 10! Since then it has:

2015-2016: 8 beams

2016-2017: 9 »

2017-2018: 6 »

2018-2019: 6 »

2019-2020: 7 »

2020-2021: 5 »

2021-2022: 8 »

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The last season, also with more goal posts, was that of Panathinaikos’ last championship, the 2009-2010when the “greens” had 18! You call it a title omen…

This year, and in everything to do with others three contendersOlympiacos and PAOK follow close behind with 13, while AEK has just three.

From now on, the unluckiest player in the Super League is of Panathinaikos, with Palasios in 22 league games counting five goals. They follow at a distance o Hwangk of Olympiakos and the Narey and Oliveira of PAOK, who have three each.

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