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Greece sacrificed its soul but “bowed down” to Spain


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He also gave his soul but “bent” before her Spain the Men’s National Polo! Our representative group stood their ground for three eight minutes, but the quality of the “rochas” was enough to force them to defeat by a score 11-8 in the first match of his qualifiers World Cup.

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A very good performance from the players of Thodoris Vlachos, who had an unexpected “blackout” in attack and defense during the fourth eight minutes with captain Yiannis Fundoulis scoring twice.

Next match for the “blue and white” on Friday (10/3) at 20:30 against the mighty Serbia, with victory being the only way.

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The match:

The Spaniards were quite pressing in the first eight minutes as they moved the ball around. However, Vlachopoulos’ excellent pass to Kakaris resulted in a penalty and Genidounias opened the scoring. At 2:49, Muniarit equalized in the same way for Spain, while at 2:21, Vlachopoulos gave our National team the lead again. Muniarit was the one who tied the match again for 2-2, while Papanastasiou’s buzzer beater was the one that put our representative group in the lead with 3-2.

The world champions equalized at the start of the second eight minutes at 3-3. Skoubakis then passed the pass to Vlachopoulos who made it 4-3 with a shot from the front post. The Spaniards leveled again at 4-4 through Campanias, while Kalogeropoulos made it 5-4 almost two and a half minutes from time. At 2:03, Spain equalized but captain Yiannis Fundoulis made it 6-5.

With the return to the pool for the second half, Kakaris won a penalty and Fundoulis took advantage of it for 7-5. At 3:31, Zerdevas made an impressive save, but he failed to do the same on Muniarit’s shot a little later, with the score 7-6.

Just before the end of the third period, Spain came back for good, tying the score at 7-7, giving the match a new twist.

The last period was a “wound” for the National Team, as Spain took advantage of the “blackout” of our representative group with Muniarit making 7-8. The Spaniard was on a fantastic night and confirmed it by scoring for 7-9, with Perone “erasing” Greece’s dreams shortly after making it 7-10.

Kakaris from the penalty spot reduced the score to 8-10 for the National Team, while at 3:22 Sanahouia made the final 8-11.

The statistics:

Greece-Spain 8-11

Eight minutes: 3-2, 3-3, 1-2, 1-4.

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