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AEK-Galatasarai: Match of the year against the background of qualifying for the Union


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The time of the match of the year, until the next one, has arrived for her AEK!

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The Union, having made a series of breakthroughs, welcomes in the Closed of Ano Liosion the Galatasaray (15/3, 19:30, COSMOTE SPORT 4) for the fifth matchday of the “16” of the BCL, aiming to win-qualify!

THE AEK sits at 3-1 and second in the group, with Galata holding a 2-2 record and third in the standings. Which means that in the event of a victory for the team of Ilias Kanzouris, the qualification to the “8” will also be guaranteed mathematically. Not only that, but in the last game he will welcome her Unicaja Malaga (21/3) aiming for the first place!

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However, even in the event of defeat AEK it doesn’t… get lost. The “yellow and black” had won the first match on Turkish soil with 81-71, so if they keep this +10 intact, they will again have the lead in the tie against the Turks and will look for the same or better result than them in the last matchday.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, as “chim bom” is a very quality and expensive team, so it will take one more step beyond what AEK has done this year in the BCL. It is very important, however, that the Union will once again have its people on its side, after the three matches behind closed doors that it was forced to play due to the incidents with the Reggio Emilia. In fact, according to the team, the match against Galatasaray is expected to break the attendance record at Ano Liosia, with the crowd declaring a strong “attendance”.

In terms of absences, the Union will line up in full armor on the court, as it is expected that the Achille Mitchellwho defended himself against Colossus. All the “trump cards” available will also be available Galatasaraywhich however lost a few days before him Jehive Floydwho left the group.

Source: Sport Fm

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