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Villerban-Panathinaikos: To find psychology ahead of the derby


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To manage the shock of defeat by PAOK he wants Panathinaikos.

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Where the “greens” seemed to be raising their heads last week, the “cuff” in Pylaia came to land them again. Nevertheless, his team Christou Serelis she has a “passable” match ahead of her Euroleaguewhere she is aiming to score her second consecutive victory in Europe’s top competition.

THE Panathinaikos hosted by Villerban at “Astroball” (10:00 p.m., NovaSports Prime), where, beyond the pink sheet, he also wants to build his psychology in view of the unimportant, but important for prestige, derby of the ages for the Basket League (19/3).

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THE Villerban is currently in its worst stretch of the season, having lost 7 in a row in the EuroLeague and is 8-20 and in second-to-last place, waiting, like the Panathinaikos, her mathematical exclusion from match day to match day. The French have the second-worst home ground of the whole competition, after counting only 4 wins in 14 games in the “Astroball”, but these have come against quality teams such as LanternPartizan, o Olympic and Baskonia.

The interesting thing here is that Panathinaikos are the worst away team with just two winning results in 14 matches, so it remains to be seen which of the two will maintain their… negative tradition. In the first match between them, however, his team Dejan Radonic then it had prevailed with a score of 77-58, in one of its best performances this year in this year’s Euroleague.

Among the important elements is the fact that, as the “greens” have before them the derby with Olympicas well as Villerban on Saturday (18/3) he has to manage the knockout quarter-final of the French Cup with Solewhich means that you may need o What Jay Parker to do some management.

Regarding absences, Panathinaikos will again have him available in the Euroleague Arturas Gudaitis, who returned and played with PAOK. On the contrary, Dimitris Agravanis and Derrick Williams, who did not play in Pylaia, remain doubtful. The French, on the other hand, will have all their “weapons” available, except of course Joffrey Lauvergne who has suffered a torn ACL and will miss the season.

The history of the two teams in detail:

1996/1997 (First Phase): Panathinaikos-Villeurban 66-72

1996/1997 (First Phase): Villerban-Panathinaikos 74-80

2000/2001 (Superleague First Phase): Panathinaikos-Villerban 86-82

2000/2001 (Superleague First Phase): Villerban-Panathinaikos 86-92

2019/2020 (Euroleague Regular Season): Villeurbanne-Panathinaikos 79-78

2019/2020 (Euroleague Regular Season): Panathinaikos-Villerban 100-88

2020/2021 (Euroleague Regular Season): Villeurbanne-Panathinaikos 97-73

2020/2021 (Euroleague Regular Season): Panathinaikos-Villerban 88-71

2021/2022 (Euroleague Regular Season): Panathinaikos-Villerban 70-84

2021/2022 (Euroleague Regular Season): Villeurbanne-Panathinaikos 63-76

2022/2023 (Euroleague Regular Season): Panathinaikos-Villerban 77-58

Source: Sport Fm

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