PAOK fined 5,000 euros for the leak of Siabani’s personal data


A fine of 5,000 euros imposed on PAOK by the Personal Data Protection Authority for the leakage of such data of the goalkeeper, Marios Siabanis.

He states in detail the reasoning behind the decision at one point in…

17. Because PAE PAOK claims that the Type E Manager gave the posting order as part of a spontaneous action as a result of the indignation for what PAE PAOK had suffered, as he believed that the content of the contracts and in particular the listed price and the difference between the 300,000 – 30,000 euros proved the falsity of the complaint about attempted bribery of the complainant here.

Although the fact of the difference in the amount of the contract price does not make it an absolute fact that collusion exists and that the alleged attempted bribery was false, nevertheless, the subjective consideration of things by PAOK PAOK, led the latter to the spontaneous and without prior examination of the legal requirements of the GDPR, said posting on the internet, in the light of a perceived “outrage” by him.

In no case, the Authority cannot and does not have the authority to establish whether the said spontaneous action objectively constitutes an act of outrage and already justified, given that the case is pending before the criminal justice system.

Therefore, the Authority, taking into account the fact of the immediate (within 2 hours) deletion by PAOK of the personal data of the complainant – apart from the amounts of the fees, which were illegally retained, finds that the illegal posting in question took place through negligence.[…]

We remind that the Siabanis had denounced the EPO and PAOK for the leak of his data. Recently, EPO was fined 25,000 euros.

Source: Sport Fm

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