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Great Fiorentina, cleaned Sivaspor of Gouta, Harisi and left for eight!


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Emphatic qualification for the Fiorentina! The “violas” did not chew from the lead, against the flow of the match, of Sivasspor and they made a tremendous comeback to prevail with 4-1 and to double their wins and leave for the quarterfinals.

Basic but also fatal o Goots after scoring an improbable own goal to make it 3-1 for the Italians, he started the match but left with an ankle injury Charis only in the 15th minute!

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In racing, o Erdogan with a fantastic goal he opened the scoring in the 35th minute making it 1-0, but Fiorentina had an immediate response after Cabral in the 45th minute he made it 1-1. THE Milenkovic in the 62′ he made it 2-1 for Italiano’s team, while o Dimitris Goutas in the 78th minute he inadvertently sent the ball into his team’s net, making it 3-1. The Italian team did not stop there and in the 89th minute o Castroville put the icing on the cake making the final 4-1!

Somehow the Italian club got an important qualification to the “8” of the Europa Conference League!

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{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Σίβασπορ – Φιορεντίνα 1-4 |HIGHLIGHTS|”,”description”:”Σίβασπορ – Φιορεντίνα 1-4 |HIGHLIGHTS|”,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT3M57S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-03-16T20:13:00.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”″,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:””,”width”:136,”height”:146}},”regionsAllowed”:”GR”}

THE Lech Poznan prevailed 3-0 her Juggardentaking the lead in the second part of the match and with a total score of 5-0 passed to the next phase European Conference League. The Swedish team stayed in the 44th minute with 10 players, after o Danielson saw straight red, making Juggarden’s job difficult in the second half.

The Polish team then struggled and could not particularly take advantage of the numerical advantage, with the home team well closed down. However, in the 77th minute of the match, o Marchvidsky made it 1-0 after Remboso’s turn. The icing on the cake was the delays Quebecois (90+1′) and o Score (90+2′) making the final 3-0!

Somehow, Lech Poznan qualified for the quarter-finals of the competition, while Juggarden’s trip to the Conference League ended tonight.

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All matches in detail:

Wednesday (15/3)

Basaksehir-Ghent 1-4 (2-5)

(88′ Januzaj- 31′, 32′, 34′ Orban, 37′ Kuipers)

Thursday (16/3)

Jugarden-Lech Poznan 0-3 (0-5)

Sivasspor-Fiorentina 1-4 (1-5)

Slovan Bratislava-Basel 2-2 (4-4) underway in overtime

Alkmaar-Lazio 22:00 (2-1)

Villarreal- Anderlecht 22:00 (1-1)

West Ham-AEK Larnaca 22:00 (2-0)

Nice-Sheriff 22:00 (1-0)

*in parentheses the total score of the two games

Source: Sport Fm

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