Dani Alves’ wife filed for divorce – The Brazilian collapsed in the cell

Dani Alves’ wife filed for divorce – The Brazilian collapsed in the cell

Dani Alves is in a bad psychological state. The Brazilian, who is accused of sexual abuse and is in custody in Spain, collapsed, as reported by the country’s media, when he learned from his wife of her decision to get a divorce.

“I would like the lines written here to be about love and happiness, but they are not. Those were horrible months, not the hardest of my life, because I have weathered many storms, but they were very dark and painful.

The feeling of abandonment and loneliness is knocking on my door again. Thousands of “whys” without an answer. I chose as a life partner a person who was perfect in my eyes”says – initially – Hoana Santh in her post and continues:

“He was always there when I needed him the most, always supporting me in everything, always pushing me to grow, always loving, caring… It’s so hard for me to accept that this man could tear me into a thousand pieces.

I believe it will take me years to erase from my memory the way he looked at me, the way he looked at me like I was the most incredible thing in the world and yes I am incredible.

I am incredible because I am hardworking, independent, intelligent, loving, funny, loyal and humanitarian. So humane that despite the damage he’s done to me, I’m still here by his side.

I continue and will continue to be, but in a different way. I love him and always will. Anyone who says he forgets love is either deceiving himself or has not truly loved. But I love myself, respect myself and value myself much more.

Forgiveness is a relief, so I hold on to the magic and close a stage in my life that began on 5/18/15. Thank you for the opportunities and learning that life gives me, no matter how difficult they are. Here is a strong woman moving on to the next stage of her life.” .

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