Zervas: “Olympiacos has learned to win, Slukas will play in the derby”


THE Olympic achieved yet another victory in the EuroLeague, as he went through the Kaunas with a score of 74-72 and remained at the top of the standings.

THE Nikos Zervas he commented in his air News Bulletin 247 the specific game, stressing that Olympiacos, despite its mediocre performance, managed to get what it wanted again: “About as we expected, the game went. Olympiacos seemed to clean it up at the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth, thanks to its very good defense and the rotation of Bartzokas that helped. He put the “train on the tracks” but Zalgiris turned the match around mainly with the zone that confused Olympiakos. The game went to roulette and finally two very big defenses by Larentzakis and the shot by Vezenkov cleaned up the game. Again he won without an important player, Kostas Slukas. If Sluka had a clear mind, Zalgiris would hardly have turned the match around”

As for the mindset his team has learned to build Giorgos Bartzokasthe “red and white” reporter commented that “Olympiacos has learned to win games, even when they are not playing well. He has the quality, the chemistry and the automation to win the matches at the critical moment.”

Regarding the possibility of an intersection with Ephesus, the Nikos Zervas he emphasized that “Olympiacos will go for the first place, if Efes comes out eighth it is possible that the two teams will play together. But Olympiacos has nothing to fear. The red and whites don’t need to think about what will come, the others should be afraid of Olympiakos”

Finally, his reporter Olympiakou also spoke about Sunday’s derby with Panathinaikos, stating that Kostas Slukas will play normally despite his absence from the match with Zalgiris.

Source: Sport Fm

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