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Marinakis against EPO-KED: “You ignore the will of the teams – Change referees in the playoff matches”


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Vangelis Marinakis attacks EPO and KED on the occasion of the appointment of a Greek referee in the game between Volos and Olympiakos. The president of the Super League in his statement recalls that unanimously the six teams of the playoffs had decided and informed about their desire to appoint only foreign referees in all the matches of the playoffs and elite category in the derbies covering the expenses.

Then the president of the Stoiximan Super League emphasizes that with this choice both EPO and KED ignore the will of the teams and provoke the sports fans and invites them to make the changes in all the matches and not only in the one between Volos and Olympiakos, but also in the other two, AEK-Panathinaikos and Aris-PAOK.

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It details…

From Monday, March 13, you were informed, both EPO and KED, with an official document from the Super League that the teams by their joint decision request foreign referees and in fact of the UEFA Elite category, for the playoff games, in order to give the greater reliability in the final of the Championship and we even informed you that we are also taking over the additional costs.

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We reminded you of the same unanimous will-desire of the Cooperative teams participating in the playoffs with our document on Wednesday, March 14.

Despite the common demand of our 6 teams participating in the Super League playoffs, for there to be foreign referees and even elite referees in all three games of each matchday, once again both KED and the disappeared Bennett and Mandalos as well as EPO ignore the will of the teams and challenge our sports fans.

Instead of contributing to the smoothness of the playoffs, you inflame the situation by appointing Greek referees against the joint decision of the teams and foreigners of dubious quality from countries like Montenegro, Albania and Sweden who have leagues of a much lower level than ours, to referee derbies importance.

It is impossible as incompetent and disreputable as you are that you cannot coordinate with the common will of the groups, unless you have guile, while at the same time collecting gold fees without even going to your offices, since despite the efforts of the people of the League it has not been possible to contact KED/EPO and you remain missing despite our efforts for consultation.

Your obvious incompetence and your even more obvious deceit undermine the Championship at a time of intense social agitation. And the State is just observing what is happening.

We invite you immediately, within the day, to change the definitions of the referees of the 1st matchday of the playoffs, otherwise we reserve the right to any legal action.

Source: Sport Fm

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