Volos: “Replacement of Diamantopoulos by Saturday, otherwise we will have developments…”


Them strong reactions after him designation of the referee in the match with Olympiakos continued Marble.

After letter to Super Leaguewith which he requested threatened that will go down with the Youth team in case he doesn’t whistle foreign referee and his statements Achillea Beau that “will make the playoffs up and down”the PAE of Magnesia issued a sharp announcement.

He attacks her Steve Bennett and emphasizes that if Diamantopoulos is not replaced until Saturday “there will be direct developments”.

The announcement in detail

“Not many people seem to understand Steve Bennett the amount of damage it causes to reliability but also in the competitiveness of our professional football, for the defense and safeguarding of which paid in gold.

And if for our football the British “chief referee” not at all interesteddisplaying an unprecedented disrespect and provocation towards its protagonists, the Super League teams, ostentatiously ignoring their unanimous decisions, one wonders how he is not able to realize that at the same time he is harming his own interests, as the degradation and the underestimation of the prestige and credibility of the institution of the playoffs make his own professional presence completely unnecessary.

Steve Bennett, unfortunately, turns out inferior of the circumstances, and emerges underminer, voluntary or involuntary is indifferent, of one of the most successful, at least in the last many years, events of the Greek championship. Those who have the responsibility owe directly or reinstate him or place him immediately out of arbitration.

And we are referring to Steve Bennett personally and not to those who actually do it “cooking” and the definitions, telling him that we we will not tolerate to continue to whistle at least in our own games referees immersed in entanglementlest they become international in return, like the Karantonides, Diamantopoulos, Papapetrou and some others that we will mention in due course, without respecting her either family their.

We hope so until tomorrow that Diamantopoulos has been replaced, otherwise there will be direct developments”.

Source: Sport Fm

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