Ivan Juric on Kvaratskelia: “You make your cross and hope to stop him”!


With a special dose of humor he answered coach of Torino Ivan Juric, to a reporter’s question about how he plans to stop him Kvitsa Kvaratskelia in her confrontation 27th matchday of Serie Abetween his team and the Naples.

As he pointed out, the only way to limit the Georgian striker of the “partenopei” who impresses this season with his exploits is to… make your cross and hope.

At the same time, he also expressed his unlimited appreciation to the Neapolitan coach, Luciano Spalletti expressing his admiration for the way his upcoming opponent “toro” is fighting.

What the Croatian coach pointed out about Kvaratskelia:

“How to stop Kvaratskelia? You can’t stop him, with the decision to send two players on him and give Mario Rui or Zielinski space you become more vulnerable. You just make your cross and hope.”

For Luciano Spalletti and Napoli:

“Napoli make your life really difficult, they are a perfect and complete team, they are the best I have seen since the day I came to the Italian stadiums, they have two superstars but they are all excellent and modern footballers.

Spalletti has something different from the rest, you watch him sit on the bench and you realize that everything is done according to a plan, there is no improvisation. I admire his knowledge, some are just managers, while he is a coach, he can influence the game with his decisions.”

Editor: Babis Lessis

Source: Sport Fm

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