Kastritis: “We are affected psychologically”


Giannis Kastritis emphasized that it was a difficult week for Aris that we are going through and that the psychology of his players is down, he believes that they did not fight for the longest duration of the match and he believes that the match was decided by the two or three consecutive three-pointers of the “yellows”. since in the rest of the statistics the two teams were the same and he asked for work and concentration for the match with Ionikos next week.

In detail: “Today’s game was the end of a difficult week. Children are very psychologically affected, it is difficult to overcome the situation in which they have fallen. They are very sad and disappointed. They are great fighters and workers.

Obviously, it’s our job to have short memories and we go on, but I can’t help but say that these kids always outdo themselves. We were outnumbered once again. The absences of Huggins and Sanogo were decisive. This is no excuse, however… The children have our absolute support and recognition of their efforts.

In the competition, we had almost the same two points and shots as Lavrio, but also in various statistics. The game was decided on three-pointers, we couldn’t make 2-3 such shots yet. Lavrio’s victory was fair, he was playing for his survival and he wanted it very much. We continue, we have an important match at home against Ionikos. We have to work properly and, in front of our world, get the victory.”

Source: Sport Fm

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