Zervas: “Slukas must get over himself in view of the playoffs in the Euroleague”


The latest news of of Olympiacos basketball in view of today’s match against Panathinaikos at OAKA after the victory in Kaunas, the Nikos Zervas to News Bulletin 247.

We had said since Wednesday that Slukas would play, who could also play in Kaunas. It’s a game that, since it has no scoring interest, will get the playing time it deserves“, the team reporter initially reported.

It’s slowly getting closer to the playoffs and Slukas has been struggling a lot lately, with the bruise and lower back he’s been having. Olympiacos needs two wins, maybe one, to have the advantage in the playoffs“, he added.

And to conclude, saying:In the intervening month, Slukas needs to get back in shape to be able to be who we all know. Logically, Boloboi will be out of the squad. Panathinaikos’ defeat by PAOK hurt and Bartzokas will need to give the players an extra motivation, after securing first place in the Greek league standings».

Concerning the arrival of Kings GM for Vezenkovunderlined: “He’s not just anyone, he plays an important role on the Sacramento team. It is in the framework of contacts with Sasha and whatever has to be done will be done in the summer. The Kings will have to meet all the conditions to convince him. To decide it, there should be some conditions in many respects. If he sees that there is room for him to have a career, I don’t think he will look at the money, since at Olympiakos he is one of the highest paid in Europe. The Kings will have to prove to him that they want him».

Source: Sport Fm

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