Valbuena: “I would like to compete as a teammate with Alexis Sanchez”

Valbuena: “I would like to compete as a teammate with Alexis Sanchez”

The Olympiacos midfielder gave an interview to the French “La Provence”, Mathieu Valbuenatalking about his beloved Marseille and knitting the eulogy of her Chilean striker, Alexis Sanchezwith which he emphasized that he would like to be a teammate!

In detail what the Olympiacos midfielder said:

“Sanchez is above all passionate. Passion brings many other things, such as efficiency and selflessness. Marseille breathes football and Sanchez perfectly matches this, as well as the whole project of the club. He is Chilean and likes the atmosphere here. We had some doubts about him not playing much at Inter. He found himself in a team that matches his personality. He proves to be the soul of the team. He has not had the career he has had so far by accident. It’s nice to have a player like that. Always responsive. He is different from others.”

“A footballer of his experience, who has worked for such big clubs, gives strength to his teammates who are sometimes twelve or even thirteen years younger than him. They are bound to do the same with him, or else they will tell themselves that it hurts to run less than him. Everyone tunes in. Yes, I would like to play with him. He’s constantly moving, he’s smart. When we were champions of France, we had a striker with a completely different profile, Brandao. He was weighing up defenses, taking fouls. I prefer to play with guys like Sanchez. You can do one or two with him, he plays with intelligence and has excellent technique”.

On whether Marseille will renew his contract: “I think Marseille will try to do everything to renew his contract, but he will have the final say. Sanchez would love to shine on the European stage, that’s what he came for. He didn’t even get a chance to play in the Europa League. I think he will have a discussion with the management to find out the ambitions of the club. Finally, we have to see in which position Marseille will finish the championship. Whether he will be in the Champions League can play a big role”.

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