Ertel: ‘I’m not paid by people who kill, I’m just looking out for the best for my family’


His explanation for the decision he made last summer to move to Russia to compete in her jersey Zenithe gave in an interview he granted to the French “Equipe” o Thomas Ertel.

The 33-year-old Frenchman made it clear that his job is to play basketball and he doesn’t buy guns or take money from people who kill, adding that he’s just looking out for the best for his family.

“I play basketball, I don’t buy weapons to go to war, I don’t take money from people who kill”he argued when the journalist mentioned that Gazprom, which finances Zenit, is financially helping the Russians in the war in Ukraine.

“Maybe I’m part of the system, but that doesn’t mean I support what they’re doing. It’s easy to criticize from social media and say you wouldn’t come to Russia if I were you, but that’s hypocritical.”he said, adding that money was one of the main reasons he agreed to play for Xavi Pascual’s team.

“Do athletes competing in China support China’s human rights policy? If you play in France do you agree with what the French government is doing? I do not think so. I’m just looking out for the best for my family.”he characteristically said.

Source: Sport Fm

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