Marinakis: “The exclusion of Aris-Volos from the meeting is disrespectful – Show the contacts with elite referees”


New attack on EPO and the Steve Bennett unleashed by Vangelis Marinakis.

With open letter published by the Stoiximan Super League, o chairman of the organizer speaks of exclusion of Aris and Volos from the meeting with the referee and characterizes him challenge and impiety.

At the same time, he repeats the demand for elite or top umpires from the major leagues after the playoffs and asks to appear the data of the relevant contacts made by KED.

Marinaki’s letter in detail


Once again you provoke the sports-loving public opinion but also our association.

On March 20, you called them six groups participating in the playoffs, in a joint meeting with Mr. Bennett.

Then you blocked pointing to Aris PAE and Volos PAE impiety to our members and the Super League partnership while at the same time proving it distance that you have from real football since you exclude the specific teams that will not only play regulator role in the outcome of the Championship but claim one European ticket for next year!

Apart from unacceptable of your behavior, we emphasize again that it is common decision of our teams to referee the playoffs elite foreign referees and top referees of the six major European leagues.

At the same time we repeat to you that we require you to give great attention and in their games play out. And games of great importance should also be refereed by foreign referees known worth.

Finally, we invite you on the occasion of Monday’s meeting, in which most obviously you owe call PAE Aris and PAE Volos, prepare and deliver to us all data for her efforts so far KED/EPO to bring to our Championship elite referees and top referees from the major European Championships.

Otherwise you will just confirm it incapacity, fraud or a combination of both from the referees in our Championship.

We invite you once again to perceive it criticality of the moments and not to repeat the phenomena they cause violence and alteration of the organization”.

Source: Sport Fm

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