Moraitis equaled the performance of Demi Nikolaidis!


THE Apollo of Smyrna continued his winning streak. After the victory over Kifissia, they prevailed 2-0 against AEK B’ and go… train away from home, counting six consecutive victories.

A big role in her competitive and rating improvement Light Brigade his excellent performance also plays a role Panagiotis Moraitis. The 26-year-old striker is having one of the best seasons of his career, already having 11 goals and is the top scorer in the second division.

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THE Moraitis he also scored against the “yellow and black”, finding the net for the sixth consecutive match in Super League 2 after the matches with Kifissia, OF Ierapetras, Proodeftii, Athens Kallithea FC and PAO Roof had preceded.

Something similar had been achieved 27 years ago by Demis Nikolaidis in the second category, then with his jersey Ethniko Alexandroupolis. And Moraitis should feel proud that he equaled a great performance by a great footballer.

Source: Sport Fm

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