FIFA’s landmark decision: It will give 350 million dollars to the teams for the 2026 World Cup!


A decision-station is proceeding FIFAhaving in view the World Cup of 2026, but also its “transformation”. Club World Cup which will now have 32 participating teams.

Specifically, the FIFA is expected to “golden” the clubs that will “grant” the footballers to participate in the upcoming World Cup. Because he has made the decision to share 350 million dollars to the teams, in order to compensate them. A huge amount, which surpasses any given by the world football’s governing body ever before, while it is 70% more than what was given in the last World Cup held in Qatar!

Yes, the agreement in question has been reached by FIFA with ECA (European Association of Clubs) and its restructuring is expected to pass through it Club World Cup without there being… voices. As there were initially several oppositions from teams to the new 32-team format, but they are expected to be limited.

Source: Sport Fm

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