Through fire and iron for the 2/2 France – The Netherlands broke out with a “three-pointer”


THE France prevailed 1-0 the tough one Ireland away, he did it 2/2 and continues at the top of the scoreboard of the second group, in which is also n National team of Greece.

His team Didier Deschamps he has the absolute and shows that he will easily or difficultly finish at the top of the group, as long as he does not… kill himself even though it is still early and there is a way to go. At +3 from Greece and Netherlands now the “tricolors”, who enjoy the solitude of the top.

A tough game from the start with France trying to threaten and Ireland keeping a clean sheet, both teams going into the dressing room scoreless. THE Pavar in the 50th minute he opened the scoring with a shot, making it 1-0 for the French, while the visitors continued to press for a second goal. On the other hand, the Irish played mainly on the counter-attack and when they became dangerous, the French defense made sure to neutralize all phases.

On the other hand, Netherlands won by a score 3-0 the Gibraltar, which was playing with 10 players from 51′ onwards. His team Cuman got its first victory and tied with the Greek National Team with 3 points in second place.

THE Depay in the 23rd minute, he opened the scoring, with Ake in the 50′ to make it 2-0 for the Netherlands. In the 51st Walker he saw a straight red card, with Gibraltar forced to finish the match with one player less. The Netherlands made one phase after another, reached over 40 finals and finally the Ake he struck again in the 83rd minute for the final 3-0.

2nd Group

Ireland-France 0-1

(50′ Pavar)

Netherlands-Gibraltar 3-0

((23′ Depay, 50′, 83′ Ake)

Repo: Greece

Next matchday (16/6):

Greece-Ireland 21:45

Gibraltar-France 21:45

Repo: Netherlands

The rating

Source: Sport Fm

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